Vitamin Dre


every time i attempted to apply vernis a ongles growing up, i could only use my dominant hand and would show up at school with my right set of nails naked and my left frolicking around in colorful bliss. but only for a few moments. because, you see, it is not necessarily a fashion statement to have an unfinished set. nevertheless, this continued probably 20 or 30 more instances. until i got fed up and made mani pedis at the local salon a regular habit.

what i used to say to myself was that i couldn’t paint my right nails. i often had ambidextrous wishes, but came to terms that this wasn’t in the cards for me. reconsidering several ‘habits’ similar to this as i approach a more financially sparse time in my life, i decided to give it one more try.

tonight, with my gals Pat Benetar, Janis Joplin, and Heart cheering me on (thanks Pandora), i went all out. scrub, clip, file, cut, buff, clear coat, Essie Turquoise and Caicos, repeat, top coat, solar oil. repeat on both sets of nails and toes. and it looks good!!! Im so proud of my little challenge this evening and am looking forward to more QT with my nails and toes. go girl, go girl.

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