Vitamin Dre

seven days in nyc

travelled the wrong direction on the subway. twice.
watched the most spectacular fireworks display ever, while listening to katy perry and kenny chesney perform without being in the audience.
watched the tour de france avec ma soeur et mon frere.
eaten almost every imaginable cuisine. 
strolled through a gallery or two. 
saw john hamm and kristen wig leaving the star studded club below our wednesday night takeout spot. 
befriended fellow yogis. 
soaked up the sun on a beach in long island.
skipped the line at a club, escorted to a table inside with free drinks, felt like a socialite ;).
visited the upper east side, hells kitchen, battery park, chelsea, nolita, soho, east village, west village, murray hill - to name a few. 
cried during the bachelorette.
sang happy birthday to a stranger in a packed peanut sized killer indian restaurant.
annd slept on a delicious leather couch, nightly.  

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